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Laptop Repairing Course pdf Teaching Pattern

We are the best laptop training institute because of the extensive course structure. Find below the course structure for fast track course of laptop repairing.


First day practical. No writing work.

Students have to Xerox the notes provided by Oscillate Technical Institute to save the time which is wasted in writing notes and drawing diagrams.

No extra fee.

No Extra fee is applied for extra time (duration) taken to complete the course


Day-Wise Teaching Pattern

Fast track Laptop and Desktop Mother Board Repairing course duration - 12 days

Desktop Mother Board repairing course comprises of the following modules;



1st Day -

Basic electronics & Micro components
Functions, Applications, testing using multi-meter, using frequency tester, Difference between AC & DC. RTC Crystal, Concept of source & load. Concept of open, short & ground.


2nd Day -

Practical of using tools
Using SMD Rework Station & solder iron - specification and settings, Replacement of THT components, Replacement of THT components, Replacement of IC: QFN package & 2 gate IC.


3rd Day -

Logic portion
Block diagram & IC function: slot, ports & port voltages and pinouts, PCI slot counting. RAM slot counting & voltage marking


4th Day –

Power section : Power on sequence, PWM sections, RAM power supply, Chipset & other powers supply.


5th Day -

Practical session :
No lecture - practical for, Replacement of micro components & testing. Replacement of QFN IC. Replacement of 2 - Gate IC.

6th Day -

Motherboard signal testing guide:
PCI slot signal testing. BIOS signal frequency testing, RAM slot signal testing - RAS, CAS, WE, clock synthesizer testing, Troubleshooting common problems & peripheral failure.Debug card & RAM slot tester.



7th Day –

Using BGA Rework station - Reballing of BGA IC, (Advance) - Replacement of 4 Gate chips by Vertical Drag Solder technique. l Professional Soldering (ADVANCE) - process of filing, Tinning, Wetting, Reflow, Wicking

8th Day –

Assembly & disassembly of laptop using Service Manual, Block Diagram Components & Layout of system board, functioning of all peripherals & different Slots.


9th Day –

Practical fault finding of power section
Volt IN, Power Rail
PWM section testing & faults
RAM power section & faults, RAM regulator testing & faults
Primary step-down section testing & faults
Secondary step-down section testing & faults
Charging & discharging section testing & faults


10th Day –

Practical signal testing using schematics.
Power logic sequence of laptop system board, CPU functions Reading signals of the system board
Trouble shooting - USB, keyboard, hard disk, optical drive, display parts, touchpad, wifi.


11th Day -

No lecture - only practical sessions


12th Day -

Universal inverter replacement for LCD
Bios programming - Nano Bios flasher


We follow strict on-time classes and the class timings for the 12 days course are mentioned below;

11am to 2pm: Lectures and practical 
2pm to 2:20pm: Lunch break  
2:30pm to 4pm: Lectures and practical 
4pm to 4:15pm: Tea break   
4:20pm to 5pm: Lectures and practical



Laptop, Desktop Mother Board Day-Wise teaching syllabus schedule
view-online download



We believe that electronic repairing course has more to do with practical learning than theory. Our students won’t learn anything unless we do any practical learning and hence, we emphasize on daily practical sessions.

Customize audio recording for every lecture of laptop repairingcourse session is provided by Oscillate Institute.


Our course highlights are; 

No writing work, only practical learning: We firmly believe that laptop repairing training course should be 100% practical. Unless we do any practical, you won’t be able to learn laptop repairing thoroughly. Hence, we give utmost importance on practical learning and therefore, we have regular practical sessions. Our students get the opportunity to work on live products unlike other training institutes.
Students are required to print orXerox the notes provided by Oscillate Technical Institute to save time from writing notes and drawing diagrams.
Modern labs, attention to every individual and practical session with regular assessments are the key factors of our course module.
Brush up your knowledge and skills with us and excel in the world carving a bright future for you.  
No extra fee: We believe that every student should complete the course in due time but in case, if it doesn’t happen then we don’t charge any extra fee for the extra time taken by students to complete the course. We give your career a sharp edge with our;

  • In depth coverage of concepts
  • Course designed to advanced techniques
  • Extensive practical learning
  • Career growth promise

Thus, we want our students to be excellent in what they have learned and in such case; if they have extended the timeline of the course we don’t charge them any extra fee.  



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