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LED LCD SMART TV Repairing Course


M/s Oscillate Technical Institute had established in 2006 as a repairing training institute of all laptop models

Over the years, we have diversified our technical courses like motherboard

repair, LED LCD,SMAT TV repair,Printer Repair, CCTV Camera, NVR & DVR Instalation

& HVR Networking courses,computer repair technician, and laptop repair guide

and advanced networking studies. We are now one of the best technical institutes in Thane,

Mumbai with well-established training centres.


  • Advance LED Tv Repair Course

  • *100 % Practical from first day, Printed Notes provided

  • *No Extra fee charged for Extra time period.

  • *Life Time "Oscillate Solutions" Technical Support

  • *No Technical background or Education Qualification reuired

  • *Provide Audio Recording of every lecture.

    LED LCD Smart Tv Repairing Course includes :


      Day 1. Basic Electronics

    • Use of multimeter & Frequency Tester
    • AC and DC supply testing with precautions
    • Open, Short, Earth & Ground. Testing Connectivity


      Day 2. Electronics- Components & Rework

    • Passive-Active components Identification, Application and Testing
    • Using SMD Rework station, Solder Iron and other tools
    • Replacement of Components

    • Day 3. Practical.

    • Replacement of Gate IC
    • Replacement of QFN IC
    • BGA Reworkof Logic IC

      Day 4. Power Board- EMI Protection & Power Factor Correction

    • Investigation of Circuit
    • EMI Filter and Hazard Protection Circuit testing
    • Active PFC testing
    • PFC switching MOSFET testing
    • Testing PFC Controller IC
    • Testing of Feedback through Optisolator
    • Common Faults and Solutions

    • Day 5. Power Board- Primary Rectification & PWM Oscillator

    • Investigation of circuit
    • Testing of primary Rectifier circuit layout
    • Startup & Run PWM circuit testing
    • Testing of PWM controller IC
    • Testing Power switching MOSFET
    • Common faults and solutions
    • Using Universal Primary switching Circuit
    • Using Universal STR.

    • Day 6. Power Board- Secondary Rectification & FB

    • Investigation of Circuit
    • Testing of Secondary rectifier Circuit
    • Testing of Sampling Circuit
    • Testing of Error Detection Circuit
    • Testing of Shunt Regulator
    • Testing Feedback of Optoisolator
    • Common Faults & Solutions

    • Day 7. Service Manual & LCD test tool

    • Disassembly of LED TV Unit
    • Use of LCD screen panel testing tool
    • Identification and functions of FRU.
    • Identification and functions of ICs on logic board.
    • VPU, MCU, RAM, Flash, HDMI, Audio, Network, etc.

    • Day 8.CCFL Backlight Circuit

    • Testing layout of inverter board
    • Testing of Switching Mosfet
    • Common Faults and Solutions
    • LED Backlight Circuit
    • Testing LED Drives IC
    • Testing LED Booster Mosfet.
    • Using LED Backlight tester tool
    • Replacing Backlight LED
    • Common Faults and Solutions
    • Using Universal Backlight Driver Circuit

    • Day 9. Logic Board - Power Regulators.


    • Primary Test
    • Identification and testing of stepdown regulators on main logic board.
    • Testing of RTC Crystals
    • Using Universal DC-DC Converter Corcuit
    • Common Fauts and Solutions

    • Day 10.Logic Board-Dead unit, No Display & Connectivity Solution

    • Power Logic sequence- For Dead LED Tv
    • Display sequence- For Display problem in LED Tv
    • Solution for Sound, HDMI, USB,Network problems in LED Tv
    • LED Tv indicator LED blinking solution

      Day 11. Timing Control Board and LCD screen panel.

    • LCD panel solution for Double image, half picture, Solarization, Panel line, negative picture, Retrieving COF IC data, COF IC Jumpering.
    • Identification and functions of ICs
    •   T-con, Gamma Correction, DC-DC controller.  
    • Testing of T-con board signals

      Day 12. Software @ modification

    • Using RT809 programmer tool
    • Universal LED logic board installation sample.
    • Use of LCD Panel Tester tool.


    Tools & Equipment

    • Multimeter UNI-T UT33D.

    • Frequency meter Mastech MS8240D.

    • RT809F EEPROM / BIOS Programmer.

    • Ring Tester.

    • Supply Tester.

    • PCB Stand.

    • Safety Glasses.

    • Quick850/MAX850 SMD Rework Station.

    • Solder Pot.

    • Lead Free Solder Alloy.

    • Soldron Solder iron 25 Watt.

    • Max Gold adjustable DC Solder iron.

    • Lead Free Solder Wire single core.

    • Max Gold Solder De-Solder flux paste.

    • Rosin Gel.

    • Kapoor CP-125 De-Solder wick.

    • PCB Cleaner.

    • Anti static Brush.

    • 100Watt 250V~ light bulb.

    • 2kOhms 10Watt Capacitor Discharge Probes.

    • Qsi BGA Flux paste.

    • No.11 Twitter.

    • Plastic Opner tool.

    • Phase-1 Philips Screw driver.

    • Wire Cutter.

    • Polystyrene sheet 10mm width, length as per TV screen size.

    • Power Cablel.

    • Universal TV Remote.

Individual Course Fees

Chip level LED-LCD, Smart TV Repairing Course


Chip Level Courses with only practical

LED TV Repairing Course Rs.19,500/-


LED LCD, Smart TV Repairing Course Rs.19,500/ (ON ONE TIME PAYMENT)/-

(Call For Discount - 9220079945)


(Online and Practical Exam fee as applicable)

Note: Free Hostel Available on combine Course package

  1. Batch Timings & Duration:
  • Daily batch Monday to Saturday.
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Timing : Full Day from (11am to 5pm)

Sunday Batches

  • Weekend Special Sunday Batches
  • Duration : 12 - 13 Sundays
  • Timing : Full Day from 11am to 5pm.

Important Instruction:

  • Grades will be depend on completion of daily Excercises.
  • Practice daily after completion of the course for perfection.
  • carry your Notes and Equipment daily for the class.
  • Follow proper Instructions for safety of Tools and yourself.
  • Carry Latex (Surgical) Gloves for Practical sessions.
  • Schedule will be followed strictly.
  • Telephonic Conversation during sessions is strickly not allowed.

Document Needed:

  • One Passport size photo.
  • Certificate ID proof (Any Educational LC Or Birth Certificate and Adhar Card).
  • Note :*At the time of submitting Xerox copy of Document Candidate should carry Original Document with them.

Documents Needed for Foreigners (Non – Indian Resident)

  • One Passport size photo.
  • Passport.
  • Nationality Certificate / Citizenship Certificate / Birth Certificate.
  • Proper visa is needed (mail or contact us if need any guidance).
  • Admission will not be granted on tourist visa.
  • Note :At the time of submitting Xerox copy of Document Candidate should carry Original Document with them.


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