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Free Hostel

We are the only and the first laptop repairing institute in India that provide free hostel services and have its own hostel.

Our hostels are the home for our students away from their home. Spacious, neat and clean rooms provided with the necessary furniture and facilities to ensure hassle free stay for our students. All minute details of security to sanitary conditions for the students are taken care of.

We have lots of outstation students who enjoy our facilities and were very happy to take our hostel accommodations.

Apart from safety and security, we also expect our students to be responsible and maintain good environment and keep hostel in proper condition to help them concentrate on their course uninterruptedly.  
Feel at home while you study and learn laptop repairing course!

Free Hostel on follwoing course package
Laptop, Desktop Mother Board and Mobile = Rs 12,500
Printer Course RS 12,500
Above course package total fee Rs 25,000/ (Free Hostel Accommodation) On one time payment Service Tax Included

For only (Laptop, Desktop Mother Board and Mobile) Course =

Rs 12,500

Note :Hostel Available

Hostel facilities for laptop repairing and printer repairing courses are available in Navi Mumbai for the courses mentioned below;

  • Laptop, Desktop Mother Board and Mobile repairing course = Rs.12,500/-
  • Printer Course or LED/LCD repairing Course = Rs.12,500/-
  • Total fees for combine course package = Rs 25,000/-

You can also avail  hostel accommodation if you pay the above course total amount at one go, i.e. Rs.25,000 and we do not encourage mode of payment in installments.

Please note that all the students who are looking to avail the hostel facilities must book rooms well in advance by paying at least Rs.2,500/. 

Criteria for hostel accommodation had mentioned below;

  1. Students are allowed to stay in our hostel for 14 days laptop repairing course printer repairing course or any other course, however, ifstudent stay in the hostel after 14 days for completion of the course they are required to pay an extra amount for every extra day.
  2. Students have to leave the hostel after completing the course.
  3. Staying in hostel for any other reasons than Oscillate Courses such as laptop course, desktop mother board course, mobile course and printer course or any other releted course is strictly not allowed.
  4. Candidate’s relatives, friend or any other person who are not taken admission for laptop course, printer course or any other Oscillate Institute’s Course in Belapur Navi Mumbai is strictly not allowed in hostel under any circumstance.
  5. Hostel accommodations are only for candidate of Oscillate Institute and it’s a boy’s hostel.
  6. Our hostel facility includes only accommodation. Food, laundry and all other expenses are to be done by the students themselves.
  7. Residents of our hostels are expect to maintain the dignity of our facility and are expected to follow the rules and regulations recommended to them.
  8. Any failure to perceive discipline or defilement of any rules may make student accountable to disciplinary actions, which may result in the extraction of the hostel accommodation.


We at M/s Oscillate Technical Institute providehostel facility for students from outside the state and country for laptop repairing course and printer repairing course combine package. In view of limited availability of hostel accommodation, students should note that the grant of admission to our program would not ensure allotment of hostel accommodation. Students are required to book their hostel room separately and well in advance.